To get a better understanding of the Ruxbury Tracker, and the Ruxbury App we've collected the most frequently asked questions.If you have any other questions, that are not listed below, you can contact us via email: info@ruxbury.com.


The Ruxbury Tracker

What is the battery life for the Tracker?

Is the Tracker water and dust resistant

How does the Tracker work?

What payment methods are accepted?

Where is the Tracker supposed to sit on the horse?

Can you use the Tracker with multiple horses?

How can I evaluate my training sessions?

How can I see my trainingprogress?


The Ruxbury Racing App

What does the Ruxbury App do?

What information can I get in the Ruxbury Racing App?

Is the Ruxbury Racing App free?

Whare are heart rate zones ?