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The Smart Heart Rate Monitor For Your Horse

Designed and tested in Denmark

Heart Rate Tracker

Measure your horse's heart rate during rides and find the average

Training Efficiency

Track how heavy the workload has been to regulate your training

Training Schedule

Track your overall rides and plan future training for your horses

Horse welfare

Keep overview of your horses health and find anomalies before they turn into illness

Live Datasharing

Share your data with your trainer to allow for better training sessions

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Know your progress from data to understand your horse better. Add or remove intensive workouts. Ruxbury can help you determine how to best train your horse without damage.

Monitor your Horse's
Heart Rate with Ruxbury

Equestrian heart rate monitor

The all new Ruxbury Horse Heart Rate Tracker will give you real time insights and feedback about your horses training. The easy installation and setup will enable you to quickly monitor your horses heart rate and adjust the training sessions.

Improve your training

  • Free app
  • No subscription fee
  • Easy to install
  • Insights that will improve your training
  • Plan your training and share the data with your trainer

Horse Welfare

With the Ruxbury Tracker you can use data to understand your hose and use this as an integrated part of your training.

With pulse data collected over time you get good data about your horse.

A new step into working with Horse Welfare.

It's important to us, to understand our customers experience with the Ruxbury Tracker.
These are some of the things that our customers say about the Ruxbury Tracker.

What our users are saying ...

Small, smart and easy to use. No wires or sticky pads, which can annoy the horse. Just turn on the app and get started.

Christina Lindhardt

Profile picture of Christina Lindhardt

Harness Racing Rider - Team Lindhardt

Ruxbury Tracker has confirmed suspicions I've had, while getting an injured horse back in training, through data. It has helped me to not overwork the horse.

Turid Ostermann Nørgaard

Profile Picture of Turid Norgaard

Amateur Rider (MB in Dressage)

"The Ruxbury Tracker is
user-friendly and easy to install, just like the app is easy to use."

Marie Kristensen

Amateur Rider

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Take your training to the next level with the Ruxbury Horse Heart Rate Tracker. Get access to training programs and your horse's heart rate information in one place.