Read Your Horse

Optimise your training regime and secure the best chances for minimising injuries and overtraining.

The Ruxbury Tracker allows you to keep an eye out for your horse and make sure that it is not put under high pressure for too long.

The Ruxbury Tracker.

The Ruxbury Tracker comes in a smart box with Tracker, USB to microUSB cable, protective silicone-cover for the tracker and a velvet protective bag for the Tracker, when it is not in use.

With the box in hand, all you need is to download the app on your iPhone or Android phone, pair, install the tracker and get started!

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    With the Ruxbury Tracker you can keep track of your training, on different levels. The calendar function gives you an easy overview of what days you've been training.


    Need to get your horse back on track after a long break? Keep track of training intensity and time, to ensure you don't overtrain your horse.


    With a press of a button and installation on a bridle, the Tracker is ready to measure and send data to your smartphone. Open your smartphone app and start training!


What is the battery life for the Tracker?

The Ruxbury Tracker has a 300mAh Lithium battery, which allows for up to 120 hours of training.

Is the Tracker water and dust resistant?

Yes, the Tracker has an IP68 rating and can handle dust and submersion in up to 1 meter deep water, temporarily.

How does the Tracker work?

The tracker uses infrared to measure the pulse of the horse, while using Bluetooth to send the data from the Tracker to your smartphone app.

The Bluetooth allows your phone to catch the signal for up to 30 meters inside of a building and up to 100 meters outside.

Where is the Tracker supposed to sit on the horse?

The Tracker needs to be installed, with the included silicone band, onto your horse' bridle. The sensor needs to be pointed inwards, against the temple of the horse.

Can you use the Tracker with multiple horses?

Yes, the apps allows you to register multiple horses. Just move the tracker to the bridle on the other horse, click into the other horse' profile and start training!

  • Heart rate

    Measure the pulse of the horse to ensure increased heartrate for more effective training, while tracking the length of the increase.

  • Battery

    With up to 120 hours of continous training, you don't need to worry about, if the battery of your Ruxbury Tracker is ready for your training session.

  • Water and Dust Resistant

    The IP68 rating ensures dust resistance and water resistance, if the tracker accidentally gets wet or dropped in water.

  • Tracking

    Track your routines, intensity and progress to keep on top of your horse' health and wellbeing.

  • Multiple Horses

    One Tracker, multiple horses. Move the Tracker between horses, to track and monitor progress between all your horses.

  • Easy Overview

    The layout and structure of the app, makes sure that you easily can understand the data and use it to optimize your training sessions.

  • At Ruxbury, we value the wellbeing of horses. This is the reason why we have developed the Ruxbury Tracker.

    Just like how you can overwork yourself, you can overtrain your horse and end up having to spend more time getting your horse BACK in shape, instead of STAYING in shape.

    Choose Ruxbury.

    For the love of horses, for the wellbeing of horses.