Monitor your Horse´s Heart Rate with Ruxbury

A new way to train your horse

Know your progress from data to understand your horse better. Increase or decrease feed for optimised performance, add or remove intensive workouts. Ruxbury can help you determine how to best train your horse without damage.

Icelandic horse

As an Icelandic horse rider, you constantly seek to refine and strengthen your training. Whether it is to enhance your performance at competitions or to enjoy a ride in the beautiful nature, your connection with your horse is essential.

For the adventurous Icelandic horse rider

You can now take your training to the next level and understand your Icelandic horse's performance and needs in a whole new way with the Ruxbury Tracker.

Measure your horse's pulse, track your routes, and optimize your training with the Ruxbury Tracker. Gain valuable insights into your horse cardiovascular health.
The Ruxbury Tracker can be your partner on the road to success, so why not explore the possibilities and discover how the Ruxbury Tracker can make a difference for your horse?

How to connect the Ruxbury App with the Ruxbury Tracker

Step by step guide

Ruxbury, the Innovative Heart Rate Monitoring System for Horses

The Ruxbury Tracker is a versatile companion, when it comes to training your horses. Take your training to the next level with the Ruxbury Heart Rate Tracker to provide valuable insights to help you optimize your horse's fitness.

The Smart Heart Rate Monitor For Your Horse

Heart Rate Tracker

Measure your horse's heart rate during rides and find the average

Training Efficiency

Track how heavy the workload has been to regulate your training

Training Schedule

Track your overall rides and plan future training for your horses

Horse welfare

Keep overview of your horses health and find anomalies before they turn into illness

Live Datasharing

Share your data with your trainer to allow for better training sessions